The Latest Airy TV Free Channels and Info

Airy TV Live Channel Guide
Airy TV Live Channel Guide

Airy TV is a little-known live TV streaming service. When checking out the service, some channels had well-rated movies and TV shows.

Airy TV currently offers 42 live channels, including channels of interest like:

  • World Poker Tour
  • Poker Night in America
  • AXS TV Now
  • Fight Network
  • Hard Knocks
  • Allied Esports
  • Ski TV

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Airy TV Live Channel List

  • American Baseball Association [New] [Exclusive] (Ch. 4): Features lower-league and amateur baseball games
  • Baseball TV [Exclusive] (Ch. 5): Replays of baseball games & pro-wrestling programs
  • iSports TV [Exclusive] (Ch. 6): Plays sports matches & content from the 70s & 80s
  • iRoller Blade TV [New] [Exclusive] (Ch. 18): Rollerblading and filler programming from Airy TV
  • Holr Sports [New] (Ch. 19): Atlantic City-based sports coverage
  • Hard Knocks (Ch. 42): Telecast live across the globe showcasing MMA athletes
  • Ski TV (Ch. 45): Magazine-style snow, ski, and snowboard channel
  • Allied Esports (Ch. 49): Focused exclusively on gaming including live eSports tournaments
  • World Poker Tour (Ch. 50): Unique television shows based on a series of high-stakes tournaments
  • ASTV [New] [Exclusive] (Ch. 52): Interviews, analysis, and games of high school & amateur sports
  • Poker Night in America (Ch. 53): Bringing Fun & Personality Back To High Stakes Poker
  • Fight Network (Ch. 93): Complete coverage of combat sports and professional wrestling
  • Fishing Offshore [Exclusive] (Ch. 401): Features offshore fishing show Darcizzle
  • TV Max 1 [New] [Exclusive] (Ch. 25): Watch classic TV shows like The Beverly Hillbillies & Fury
  • Blue Dragoon Classics [New] [Exclusive] (Ch. 48): [Español] Features celebrity documentary programming
  • TV Nuts [New] [Exclusive] (Ch. 61): Various movies & TV shows
  • The Boomer Channel [Exclusive] (Ch. 62): Baby-Boomers focused content
  • Torro TV [New] [Exclusive] (Ch. 79): Features classic movies & sporting event archives
  • iHolyfield (Ch. 81): Features black actors playing lead roles in movies and TV shows
  • iCowboy [Exclusive] (Ch. 82): Features Western-themed TV shows like Bonanza
  • Comfy TV (Ch. 83): A variety of movie & TV shows
  • iSciFi [Exclusive] (Ch. 86): Sci-Fi and paranormal movies
  • Movie Max 1 [Exclusive] (Ch. 21): Watch a variety of movies from the 1970s to today
  • Splatter House [Exclusive] (Ch. 22): Watch Horror & Gore films
  • Movie Giants [Exclusive] (Ch. 85): Classic movies
  • Galaxy TV [New] [Exclusive] (Ch. 98): Various programming from Airy TV
  • APTV [Exclusive] (Ch. 7): Watch a mixture of Podcast interviews & musical content
  • MomCave TV (Ch. 39): Comedy programming for mothers
  • Thought Network [Exclusive] (Ch. 84): Thought-provoking movies often dealing with racial conflict
  • iShe (Ch. 87): TV shows with female leading characters
  • Airy Fitness [Exclusive] (Ch. 88): Fitness, cooking, and wellness TV shows
  • Dr Diaries TV [Exclusive] (Ch. 89): Medical drama movies and tv shows
  • Sidewalks TV [Exclusive] (Ch. 405): Celebrity interviews from Sidewalks Entertainment
  • AXS TV Now (Ch. 92): Music and lifestyle network tailor-made for entertainment junkies
  • Thailand TV [Exclusive] (Ch. 99): Thai-focused TV
  • The Beach Show [Exclusive] (Ch. 407): Real Estate programming featuring Northwest Florida
  • 30A TV [Exclusive] (Ch. 400): Shows, news, events, and informative programming from Florida
  • My Jam Music [Exclusive] (Ch. 55): Watch classic music videos, specials, and documentaries
  • Bimbles Bucket [New] [Exclusive] (Ch. 78): British children’s animated program Bimble’s Bucket
  • Winnies World [Exclusive] (Ch. 80): Kid-friendly cartoons and programming
  • Real Family TV [Exclusive] (Ch. 95): Family-friendly and kid TV shows
  • Youth Success (Ch. 96): Movies and TV shows targeted at adolescents

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