The Latest Canela TV Free Channels and Info

Canela TV Channel Guide
Canela TV Channel Guide

From time to time, I might have a customer or prospect looking for streaming services in their native language, especially in Spanish. Besides Vix, Canela TV offers a nice supplement of Spanish-language content for free.

Canela TV currently offers 39 live channels, including channels of interest like:

  • El Rey
  • Real Madrid TV
  • Bein Sports Xtra en Espanol
  • RCN Mas
  • Combate Global
  • Cine Romantico
  • Tierra De Amor Y Venganza
  • MegaNoticias Canal
  • The Weather Channel en Espanol
  • El Talismán

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Canela TV Live Channel List

Canela TV offers 39 live channels across 7 categories. You can join a Canela TV channel live by clicking the channel name. Happy streaming!

General (1 Channel)

  • Fiestas en Familia

Movies (8 Channels)

  • Canela Cinema: [Español] Various movies from Canela TV
  • Canela Clásicos: [Español] Classic movies and TV shows from the 1950s to the 1980s
  • Fiestas en Familia [New] [Exclusive] [Exclusive]: [Español] Family-friendly Christmas movies from Canela
  • Acción Mexicana: [Español] Action movies & TV
  • Cine Romantico: [Español] Stories full of love, joy, emotion, and laughter
  • Flou Cine: Latin American & Caribbean movies channel
  • El Rey: Latino-infused network showcasing originals, films, and TV series
  • Pelimex [New]: English & Spanish language independent films

News (4 Channels)

  • MegaNoticias Canal [New]: [Español] The latest news and analysis from Mexico and the world
  • RCN Xtra [New]: [Español] Watch novelas, entertainment shows, & interviews
  • RCN Mas [New]: [Español] Novellas, reality TV, & game shows by RCN Televisión
  • The Weather Channel en Espanol: [Español] The Spanish language edition of the Weather Channel

Novelas (5 Channels)

  • Canela Telenovelas: [Español] Various telenovellas from Canela
  • Novelisima: [Español] Romance, passion, and intrigue characteristic in Latin TV
  • Vive Kanal D Drama: Impactful Turkish dramas, 100% in Spanish
  • Tierra De Amor Y Venganza: [Español] Telenovela set in 1930s Argentina
  • El Talismán: [Español] Telenovella starring Blanca Soto & Rafael Novoa

Sports (7 Channels)

  • Canela Sports: [Español] 24 hours of live sports like soccer, baseball, and boxing
  • Lucha Non-Stop [New] [Exclusive] [Exclusive]: [Español] Watch Mexican/Latin American professional wrestling
  • Real Madrid TV: Real Madrid’s La Liga games, club insight, and breaking news
  • bein Sports Xtra en Espanol: [Español] Soccer & international sports live events, news, & analysis
  • Bein Sports Xtra: Soccer & international sports live events, news, & analysis
  • ITV Deportes: [Español] Mexican sports channel covering LMB, LNBP, LFA, & more
  • Combate Global: [Español] MMA events, reality television, and lifestyle programming

Music (8 Channels)

  • Canela Hits: [Español] Pop, Urban, Tropical, Regional, & Rock from the 80s to today
  • Canela Music Presents: [Español] Rotational music channel featuring different music genres
  • Flow Caribe: [Español] Urban, pop, and tropical hit Latin music videos
  • Pop Pegajoso: [Español] Urban, Pop, and Tropical from the 2010s to today
  • Nothing Pero Chill: [Español] Easy listening Latin music videos
  • Amor Para Todos: [Español] Pop, Regional, and Tropical ballads from the 90s to today
  • Ritmos Inolvidables: [Español] Pop, Regional Mexican, Tropical, and Rock from the 80s & 90s
  • Explosion Regional: [Español] Regional Mexican music

Canela Kids (6 Channels)

  • Canela Kids: [Español] Kids programming from Canela TV
  • Cine kids [New] [Exclusive] [Exclusive]: [Español] Features kid-friendly movies
  • Moonbug Kids en Espanol: [Español] Stories & music for preschoolers to be curious & creative
  • Mundo Pequeño [Exclusive] [Exclusive]: [Español] Watch preschool shows for 1-5 year olds like Barney
  • Love Nature en Espanol: [Español] Shines a light on the fight for the survival of Earth
  • Toon Goggles en Espanol: [Español] Animated & live shows, engaging games, & kid-safe radio

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