The Latest Galxy TV Free Channels and Info

Galaxy Live Channel Guide
Galaxy Live Channel Guide

Galxy TV is a niche live TV service that has some content unique to the service. Galaxy currently offers 37 live channels.

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Galxy TV Live Channel List

Entertainment (1 Channel)

  • Galxy: An Interstellar oasis of Film and TV that is beyond the ordinary

ESports (1 Channel)

  • Dungeon TV: Follows 6 Dungeons and Dragons role-players during an interactive war

Horror (3 Channels)

  • Fright Flix: Cult Horror, Sci-Fi, and Grindhouse features that deliver shivers
  • Watch It Scream: Some of the most terrifying visions the horror genre has put on film
  • The Dark Zone [New] [Exclusive]: Paranormal & ghost hunter programming

Informative (4 Channels)

  • Business Rockstars: Insights and perspectives from leading entrepreneurs and startups
  • Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurs have 60 seconds to pitch a business to investors
  • Biz TV: Focused on entrepreneurs, small businesses, & family asset management
  • Impact Professionals [Exclusive]: Provides positive and impactful advice to improve your life and world

Kids (2 Channels)

  • Watch It Kid: Anime, cartoons, live-action movies, and TV shows for kids
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Animated TV shows starring the popular video game character Sonic

LGBTQ (1 Channel)

  • Cinepride: LGBT cinema, from critically acclaimed dramas to underground cult hits

Movies (1 Channel)

  • Eurocinema [New] [Exclusive]: Watch full-length movies from various European countries

Music (19 Channels)

  • Screendreams: Enjoy the best in galleries, screensavers, and wallpapers
  • Indistry [Exclusive]: Music videos, documentaries, shows, podcasts, & more
  • Qello Concerts: [Music Video] A front-row seat to concerts by favorite musicians
  • Stingray Cmusic: [Music Audio] Modern Classic music from today’s movie soundtrack
  • Stingray Classica: [Music Video] Watch orchestral performances, operas, and ballet
  • Stingray Djazz: [Music Video] Jazz concerts, performances, and documentaries
  • Stingray Karaoke: [Music Audio] Library of songs to sing along to in every genre
  • Naturescape: Explore a world of stunning nature scenes set to peaceful soundtracks
  • Stingray Classic Rock: [Music Audio] Classic rock from the ’60s, ‘70s, and ’80s
  • Stingray Rock Alternative: [Music Audio] Alternative rock radio
  • Stingray Pop Adult: [Music Audio] A romantic mix of pop adult classics
  • Stingray Hit List: [Music Audio] Today’s hits and tomorrow’s sensations
  • Stingray Hot Country: [Music Audio] Brand new country hits and the past decade’s favorites
  • Stingray Flashback 70s: [Music Audio] 70s radio
  • Stingray Everything 80s: [Music Audio] Relive the decade of perms and shoulder pads
  • Stingray Urban Beat: [Music Audio] Hip-hop, rap, and contemporary R&B
  • Stingray Soul Storm: [Music Audio] Contemporary soul and R&B radio
  • Stingray Greatest Hits: [Music Audio] Top hits of all-time radio
  • Stingray Today’s Latin Pop: [Music Audio] Salsa, samba, merengue, & more from emerging artists

Sports (3 Channels)

  • Slopes TV: Focused on skiing and snowboarding
  • XFC TV: MMA competition content and fighter profiles
  • Don [Exclusive]: Programming from boxing promoter Don King

En Espanol (2 Channels)

  • El Conflicto TV: [Español] Judge Mario Acosta runs a tough, no-nonsense courtroom
  • Zas: [Español] Cartoons, comics, series, movies, video games, & pop culture

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