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Stirr Live Channel Guide

Stirr TV offers live local news in your area, as well as plenty of other channels. Some of my clients appreciate all the classic TV shows available. Other clients like that they can stream live local news broadcasts for free. Whatever you are looking for, Stirr TV will likely have something to enjoy.

Stirr TV currently offers 104 live channels and 82 Local News choices, including popular and fan-favorite channels like:

  • AccuWeather Now
  • QVC & HSN
  • USA Today
  • Bloomberg
  • Johnny Carson TV
  • The Bob Ross Channel
  • The Carol Burnett Show
  • The Dick Cavett Show
  • AFV Family
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • Deal or No Deal

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Stirr TV Live Channel List

Stirr TV offers 104 live channels across 11 categories and 82 Local News choices. Happy streaming!

Local & Popular (9 Channels)

  • Stirr City [Exclusive] (Ch. 1): Sinclair programming, and news from your closest Sinclair station
  • Charge [Exclusive] (Ch. 12): Action and adventure programming from the MGM TV and film library
  • Comet [Exclusive] (Ch. 14): Science fiction, supernatural, and fantasy series and films from MGM
  • TBD. (Ch. 16): Broadcast network that combines TV and the ‘best of the internet’
  • Buzzr (Ch. 30): Focuses on classic game shows from the 1950s to the 1990s
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul (Ch. 40): Female-focused food, wedding, style, and travel programming
  • Nosey (Ch. 60): Watch Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Steve Wilkos, and more
  • Circle (Ch. 80): Country music, southern lifestyle, and entertainment
  • Stirr Classic TV [Exclusive] (Ch. 100): Classic Tv from the 1950s to the 1970s

Classic TV (9 Channels)

  • Shout Factory TV (Ch. 105): Classic, contemporary, and cult TV series
  • Johnny Carson TV (Ch. 110): The best episodes of the King of Late Night Television
  • The Carol Burnett Show (Ch. 115): Reruns of the 1970s classic variety/sketch comedy series
  • Tim Conway [Exclusive] (Ch. 125): Episodes for The Tim Conway Show from the 1970s
  • Dick Cavett [Exclusive] (Ch. 130): Reruns of the Dick Cavett show
  • Showtime at the Apollo (Ch. 135): Rising comics and singers are showcased at the famous Apollo Theater
  • FilmRise Classic TV (Ch. 140): Classic series and movies
  • American Classics (Ch. 145): Classic American movies & TV shows from World War II until the 1980s
  • The Bob Ross Channel (Ch. 148): Relaxing, learn-to-paint channel starring Bob Ross

Movies (12 Channels)

  • Stirr Movies [Exclusive] (Ch. 150): Movies across multiple genres from Stirr TV
  • Stirr Horror [Exclusive] (Ch. 153): Horror movies from Stirr TV
  • Comedy Dynamics (Ch. 157): Features stand-up comedy specials, as well as comedy movies and shows
  • Gravitas Movies (Ch. 165): Showcases independent filmmakers and producers across the globe
  • FilmRise Free Movies (Ch. 170): Watch a selection of movies from the FilmRise library
  • CineLife (Ch. 175): Destination for independent films and documentaries
  • Cineverse Selects [New] (Ch. 180): Features films from the Cineverse library
  • Docurama (Ch. 190): An eclectic mix of documentaries, films, and TV series
  • Swerve Sports (Ch. 191): Sports documentaries, movies, and athlete content
  • MagellanTV Now (Ch. 192): Documentaries on science, history, nature, mystery, and more
  • The Film Detective (Ch. 195): Offers hundreds of hours of classic film and television
  • The Archive (Ch. 197): Classic movies and TV series

New & Opinion (10 Channels)

  • USA Today (Ch. 205): The latest news and most interesting stories from USA TODAY
  • Bloomberg (Ch. 210): 24-hour global business and financial news channel
  • Bloomberg Quicktake (Ch. 215): Bloomberg programming focused on younger generations
  • Fox Soul (Ch. 220): Celebrates and addresses topics that impact the black community
  • The First (Ch. 230): Featuring host Bill O’Reilly, Dana Loesch, Buck Sexton, & Jesse Kelly
  • News 12 New York (Ch. 232): The latest local news from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
  • Cheddar (Ch. 240): Live-streaming business/financial news targeted toward millennials
  • Law & Crime (Ch. 245): Bringing you the day’s biggest trials and legal controversies
  • AccuWeather Now (Ch. 247): Weather forecasts as well as continuous weather-related programming
  • Nasa TV (Ch. 248): Brings you the latest images, videos, and news from NASA

Reality TV (9 Channels)

  • Stirr Reality TV [Exclusive] (Ch. 250): Reality TV from Stirr TV
  • Horse Shopping Channel (HSC) [Exclusive] (Ch. 253): Dedicated to Equines and the Bowie Livestock Sale Barn in Bowie, Texas
  • So Real (Ch. 255): Reality series and dramas from the UK & Australia
  • AFV Family (Ch. 265): Family-friendly comedy programming from America’s Funniest Home Videos
  • The Pet Collective (Ch. 270): Trending clips, entertaining memes, and funny animal videos
  • People Are Awesome (Ch. 275): Ordinary people doing extraordinary things
  • Fail Army (Ch. 280): Fail videos and compilations
  • Weather Spy (Ch. 285): Features weather, wildlife, outdoor recreation, and drone footage
  • America vs Addiction [Exclusive] (Ch. 295): Educational content on addiction, prevention, treatment, and recovery

Entertainment (21 Channels)

  • Stirr PD [Exclusive] (Ch. 300): Crime & police dramas like The Commish and 21 Jump Street
  • Alf [New] (Ch. 303): TV sitcom about a wiseguy alien living on Earth with a family
  • Electric Now (Ch. 305): Movies and TV from Electric Entertainment studios
  • Deal or No Deal (Ch. 310): Reruns of the popular game show Deal or No Deal
  • Wipeout Xtra (Ch. 312): Features past episodes of the game show Wipeout from around the world
  • Dust (Ch. 315): Binge watchable sci-fi
  • Alter Horror (Ch. 316): Slip into the dark, disturbing corners of cutting-edge horror
  • Space 1999 [Exclusive] (Ch. 318): Reruns of the 1970s British science-fiction series Space:1999
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Ch. 320): A man and two robots watch B movies while they mock the subpar films
  • Stirr Kaiju [Exclusive] (Ch. 323): Watch Godzilla & other Japaneses films featuring large creatures
  • Con TV (Ch. 325): Devoted to all the content celebrated by the ComicCon community
  • Midnight Pulp (Ch. 327): Selection of cult programming with a twist of millennial irreverence
  • Retro Crush (Ch. 330): Watch classic anime, including exclusive English releases
  • Live x Live [Exclusive] (Ch. 333): Interview Podcasts and live music performances
  • Revry (Ch. 335): A unique library of LGBT original series, films, music, and podcasts
  • People TV (Ch. 337): Celebrity and entertainment news by People and Entertainment Weekly
  • Dove Channel (Ch. 340): Uplifting, enlightening movies & television shows for the whole family
  • Evrgrn (Ch. 343): Actor Tom Skerritt’s free channel streams the best of the Northwest
  • Country Network (Ch. 345): [Music Video] Country music videos from the 1990s to today
  • Stirr Westerns [Exclusive] (Ch. 347): Westerns from Stirr TV
  • Popstar TV (Ch. 348): Female-focused dramas, comedies, movies, celebrity news, and gossip

Food & Travel (3 Channels)

  • Glewed TV (Ch. 350): Multi-topic content including food, sports, DIY, education, and movies
  • Naturescape (Ch. 395): Explore a world of stunning nature scenes set to peaceful soundtracks
  • Soar [Exclusive] (Ch. 398): Drone footage set to music

Shopping (4 Channels)

  • QVC (Ch. 410): Live broadcast of national shopping station QVC
  • HSN (Ch. 411): Live broadcast of national shopping station Home Shopping Network
  • OnTV4U (Ch. 412): Airs infomercials 24/7
  • Shop LC (Ch. 415): Live broadcast of discount and liquidation shopping station Shop LC

Sports (14 Channels)

  • Stadium (Ch. 450): Live college games and analysis from several college leagues
  • The T (tennis) [Exclusive] (Ch. 453): Original programming and match replays from the Tennis channel
  • ACC Digital Network (Ch. 457): Highlights from the NCAA Division 1 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)
  • Bein Sports Xtra (Ch. 460): Soccer & international sports live events, news, & analysis
  • Sports Wire (Ch. 465): Live, fresh and smart sports takes from USA Today
  • Sports Grid (Ch. 468): Betting insights, real-time odds, predictive models, and expert picks
  • World Poker Tour (Ch. 470): Unique television shows based on a series of high-stakes tournaments
  • Racing America (Ch. 477): Grassroots racing and NASCAR Cup Team content
  • Mav TV Select (Ch. 478): Motorsport racing and auto shows from the Lucas Oil Studios library
  • Outdoor America (Ch. 480): Designed for people passionate about outdoor sports and recreation
  • Waypoint TV (Ch. 485): Fishing and hunting shows and films
  • Pursuit Up (Ch. 488): For outdoor enthusiasts, whether it’s fishing, shooting, or hunting
  • Unbeaten (Ch. 492): Live action, daily analysis of the latest developments

Music (14 Channels)

  • Stingray Greatest Hits (Ch. 500): [Music Audio] Top hits of all-time radio
  • Stingray Hit List (Ch. 501): [Music Audio] Today’s hits and tomorrow’s sensations
  • Stingray Classic Rock (Ch. 502): [Music Audio] Classic rock from the ’60s, ‘70s, and ’80s
  • Stingray Rock Alternative (Ch. 503): [Music Audio] Alternative rock radio
  • Stingray Pop Adult (Ch. 504): [Music Audio] A romantic mix of pop adult classics
  • Stingray Urban Beat (Ch. 505): [Music Audio] Hip-hop, rap, and contemporary R&B
  • Stingray Hot Country (Ch. 506): [Music Audio] Brand new country hits and the past decade’s favorites
  • Stingray Flashback 70s (Ch. 507): [Music Audio] 70s radio
  • Stingray Remember the 80s (Ch. 508): [Music Audio] 80s radio
  • Stingray Exitos del Momento (Ch. 509): [Español] [Music Audio] Latin music in multiple dance genres
  • Stingray Karaoke (Ch. 520): [Music Audio] Library of songs to sing along to in every genre
  • Qello Concerts (Ch. 530): [Music Video] A front-row seat to concerts by favorite musicians
  • Stingray Classica (Ch. 540): [Music Video] Watch orchestral performances, operas, and ballet
  • Stingray Djazz (Ch. 549): [Music Video] Jazz concerts, performances, and documentaries

Local News (82 Channels)

The following are the Local News channels you can choose from for the first channel Stirr City. You can make your station selection here. Once your station has been selected, you will get live newscasts from that station as they air on Stirr City (Channel 1).

Alabama (2 Channels)

Arkansas (1 Channel)

California (3 Channels)

Washington, DC (1 Channel)

Florida (3 Channels)

Georgia (2 Channels)

Idaho (2 Channels)

Illinois (3 Channels)

Indiana (1 Channel)

Iowa (2 Channels)

Maine (1 Channel)

Maryland (1 Channel)

Michigan (3 Channels)

Minnesota (1 Channel)

Missouri (3 Channels)

Montana (1 Channel)

Nebraska (1 Channel)

Nevada (2 Channels)

New York (3 Channels)

North Carolina (4 Channels)

Ohio (7 Channels)

Oklahoma (2 Channels)

Oregon (4 Channels)

Pennsylvania (4 Channels)

Rhode Island (1 Channel)

South Carolina (3 Channels)

Tennessee (3 Channels)

Texas (9 Channels)

Utah (1 Channel)

Virginia (2 Channels)

Washington (3 Channels)

West Virginia (1 Channel)

Wisconsin (2 Channels)

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