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Stremium Live Channel Guide
Stremium Live Channel Guide

In the past, Stremium was essentially a paid DVR for free streaming services. After legal action, Stremium reinvented itself and started offering free, and premium live channel packages.

Stremium currently offers 121 free live channels, including popular and fan-favorite channels like:

  • USA Today
  • Johnny Carson TV
  • Bonanza
  • The Beverly Hillbillies
  • NewsMax
  • Classic Reruns TV
  • CRTV
  • The Carol Burnett Show
  • OAN Plus
  • EWTN
  • Nashville Country TV

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Stremium Live Channel List

Stremium offers 121 live channels across 10 categories. You can join a Stremium channel live by clicking the channel name. Happy streaming!

Comedy (4 Channels)

Explore(7 Channels)

  • Docurama (Ch. 45): An eclectic mix of documentaries, films, and TV series
  • Documentary+ (Ch. 46): Classic & popular documentaries, festival darlings, and cult favorites
  • Manifest TV (Ch. 47): Watch holistic health, yoga, & natural exercise videos
  • Ted (Ch. 48): Watch educational TED talks that spark inspiration & creativity
  • Ficto (Ch. 56): Watch shows from independent creators from around the world
  • (Ch. 89): Content for psychonauts, crytopunks, tokers, and players
  • Volty (Ch. 90): Programming for electric vehicle enthusiasts

Entertainment (18 Channels)

  • Nosey (Ch. 8): Watch Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Steve Wilkos, and more
  • Naturescape (Ch. 24): Explore a world of stunning nature scenes set to peaceful soundtracks
  • Outside TV+ (Ch. 34): Collection of adventure sports videos
  • Artflix (Ch. 41): Watch classic black & white films that have been colorized
  • Electric Now (Ch. 55): Movies and TV from Electric Entertainment studios
  • Hipstr (Ch. 57): Documentaries, TV series, & Hipstr originals
  • So Real (Ch. 62): Reality series and dramas from the UK & Australia
  • Watch Mojo (Ch. 66): Known for its “Top 10” list video, ranking movies and pop culture
  • 911 Network (Ch. 68): Watch cop ride-along and criminal pursuit videos
  • Crime & Punishment [New] (Ch. 69): Crime & Legal related movies & TV shows
  • Emergency [New] (Ch. 70): Watch shows like World’s Deadliest Drivers & Paramedics on Scene
  • MHZ Now (Ch. 71): Features scripted entertainment from more than 15 countries
  • BjgTjme (Ch. 84): Independent movies that often start well-known actors
  • Filmzie (Ch. 85): Showcases independent films, small studios TV shows, & documentaries
  • Grjngo (Ch. 86): Specialized in colorized and old western movies
  • The Preview Channel [New] (Ch. 87): Movie trailers, game previews, interviews, and backstage footage
  • Afroland TV (Ch. 91): Watch Hundreds of African movies, Nollywood, and TV shows from Africa
  • Drone TV (Ch. 103): Drone TV features aerial videos from around the globe

Classics (11 Channels)

  • Johnny Carson TV (Ch. 1): The best episodes of the King of Late Night Television
  • Christmas Classics (Ch. 42): [Seasonal] Christmas episodes from Classic TV shows
  • Family Time (Ch. 43): Family-focused and inspirational classic TV, films, and originals
  • The Beverly Hillbillies (Ch. 50): A poor, backwoods family from the Ozarks moves to posh Beverly Hills
  • Bonanza (Ch. 51): Reruns of the long-running classic western
  • Nostalgia Network (Ch. 59): Classic TV shows and movies from the 50s & 60s
  • Pecan [New] (Ch. 60): Overlays an animation filter to classic TV shows
  • Shout Factory TV (Ch. 61): Classic, contemporary, and cult TV series
  • The Carol Burnett Show (Ch. 63): Reruns of the 1970s classic variety/sketch comedy series
  • Vintage TV (Ch. 65): Watch reruns of Bonanza, Red Skelton, Ozzie & Harriet, & more
  • CRTV (Ch. 67): Classic TV shows from the 50s & 60s

News & Opinion (8 Channels)

  • ROI TV (Ch. 3): Personal Finance channel from real client-facing professionals
  • Law & Crime (Ch. 7): Bringing you the day’s biggest trials and legal controversies
  • Free Speech TV (Ch. 12): Liberal news & opinion station
  • USA Today (Ch. 14): The latest news and most interesting stories from USA Today
  • Newsmax (Ch. 16): Conservative news network
  • OAN Plus (Ch. 17): Replays of conservative news network One America News (OAN)
  • The First (Ch. 18): Featuring host Bill O’Reilly, Dana Loesch, Buck Sexton, & Jesse Kelly
  • Moconomy [New] (Ch. 19): Finance & economic documentaries & informational videos

Lifestyle (12 Channels)

  • Go Traveler (Ch. 6): Collection of travel shows
  • Hungry [New] (Ch. 10): Dedicated to food and cooking, featuring celebrity chefs
  • Pattrn (Ch. 13): For those who love Earth & who fight for its future
  • Right Now TV (Ch. 36): Male-focused sports, comedy, talk show, and outdoor adventure channel
  • AWE Plus (Ch. 49): Replays of AWE focused on travel destinations, cars, homes, and more
  • Clix TV (Ch. 52): Short videos that offer promoted discounts
  • Love Stories TV [New] (Ch. 58): Showcases wedding videos from around the world
  • The Love Destination (Ch. 64): One-stop destination for everything love, dating, and relationships
  • Gusto TV (Ch. 72): A mix of food and lifestyle, serving up fresh fare daily
  • Global Fashion Channel (Ch. 82): Fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle, & bridal programming
  • Today’s Homeowner [New] (Ch. 83): Inspiration and advice for maintaining and improving your home
  • Fun Roads TV (Ch. 92): Taps into the spirit of the open road

Sports (17 Channels)

  • Billiard TV (Ch. 9): Watch players compete on the biggest billiards stage
  • World Poker Tour (Ch. 11): Unique television shows based on a series of high-stakes tournaments
  • Sports Wire | USA Today Sports (Ch. 15): Live, fresh, and insightful sports takes from USA Today
  • ACL Cornhole TV (Ch. 25): American Cornhole League events and original programming
  • Bigg TV (Ch. 26): Watch gaming tournaments, documentaries, & talk shows
  • Boxing TV (Ch. 27): Classic matches to rising stars & news in the boxing world
  • Donut (Ch. 28): Street-racing automotive videos from a popular YouTube channel
  • FTF (Ch. 29): Live events, interviews, analysis, and original programming
  • Glory Kickboxing [New] (Ch. 30): Fights are all stand-up, all-striking, and have the highest KO rate
  • Lacrosse Sports Network (Ch. 31): Lacrosse games, documentaries, and highlights
  • MMA TV (Ch. 32): MMA & Combat sports fights, documentaries, news, and more
  • MotoAmerica TV (Ch. 33): Programming focused on high-speed motorcycle racing
  • Pro Wrestling TV (Ch. 35): Professional wrestling promos, talk shows, documentaries, & films
  • Rugby Network (Ch. 37): Watch Major League Rugby live events & sports coverage
  • Sports Grid (Ch. 38): Betting insights, real-time odds, predictive models, and expert picks
  • Strongman Champions [New] (Ch. 39): Strongman competition taking place in premium venues across the globe
  • UK Wresting [New] (Ch. 40): UK Pro-wrestling matches, highlights, and news

Music (19 Channels)

Family & Faith (14 Channels)

  • Dove Channel (Ch. 54): Uplifting, enlightening movies & television shows for the whole family
  • Battery Pop (Ch. 73): Cartoons, Music, Superheroes, STEM, and more
  • Battery Pop Gaming (Ch. 74): Kid-safe gameplay videos, shorts, walkthroughs, & more
  • Battery Pop Preschool (Ch. 75): Educational preschool videos for kids up to 5 years old
  • Giggle Mug [New] (Ch. 76): Kid TV shows like Tara Duncan, Robot Trains, YooHoo & Friends
  • Skwad (Ch. 77): The best from gaming culture and straight-up weird shows
  • Super Simple Songs [New] (Ch. 78): Combines animation and puppetry with music to sing along with
  • Toon Goggles (Ch. 79): Animated and live-action shows, engaging games, and kid-safe radio
  • Toon Goggles Jr (Ch. 80): Fun and educational shows including sing-alongs, crafts, and animals
  • Xploration Station [New] (Ch. 81): STEM-focused programming aimed at teens
  • Fido TV (Ch. 88): Family-friendly programming on specific breeds, training, and rescues
  • EWTN (Ch. 119): Around-the-clock Catholic programming
  • Fig Tree (Ch. 120): Family-friendly movies
  • Catholic TV (Ch. 121): Daily Catholic mass and religious, educational, & inspirational TV

International (11 Channels)

  • Irish Eyes TV [New] (Ch. 93): Features Irish travel, lifestyle, documentaries, comedy, films, & more
  • Nolly Africa [New] (Ch. 94): English language Nollywood & African movies, series, & talk shows
  • Intipatcha | Inti Origin (Ch. 95): [Español] Explore Latin American locations and culture
  • La Corriente (Ch. 96): [Español] The heartbeat of Latin life
  • Lava (Ch. 97): [Русский] Russian romance, drama, historical, & crime programming
  • MegaNoticias Canal (Ch. 98): [Español] The latest news and analysis from Mexico and the world
  • Pelimex (Ch. 99): English & Spanish language independent films
  • RCN Mas [New] (Ch. 100): [Español] Novellas, reality TV, & game shows by RCN Televisión
  • RCN Xtra [New] (Ch. 101): [Español] Watch novelas, entertainment shows, & interviews
  • Rotana Classic [New] (Ch. 102): Classic movies & TV from Saudi Arabia & Persian Gulf countries
  • CCBM WBCC (Ch. 118): [Español] Faith-based programming and worship services

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