The Purpose for this Site

I have been a streaming fan for over ten years.   

Over five years ago I finalized my streaming conversion and became a “Cord Cutter”, ditching my cable services like TV and home phone, and ended up saving myself $2,400 a year.  My only regret was not doing it sooner.  Back then, streaming was primarily Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling.  I became a huge advocate for the benefits of streaming, and would help people in their new viewing experience. 

About three years ago, after some soul-searching and encouragement from family, I started Cable Conversion to make the switch to streaming easier for many people.  I have spent thousands of hours researching, testing, and installing streaming service and devices.  It hasn’t always been easy.  Once you think you’ve figured something out, it changes overnight.  Yet at the end of the day, I still love what I do. 

In the past year, the world of streaming has undertaken a drastic change, with a plethora of new services, others going out of business, drastic price increases, and streaming platforms evolving.  This has lead people to become apprehensive about switching to streaming full time, and for those who have cut the cord, it has caused much confusion. 

I am hoping this site can help guide you down the path of streaming, and show you what a wonderful world it is.  I want to show you how your TV will become more than just a place to watch Jeopardy.  How you can listen to your favorite song, artists, and radio stations.  How you can pay little or nothing and still get a lot of great programming.  How to avoid illegal services and scams.  And most importantly, how you can change your viewing habits for the better. 

Every year, there are more streaming services launching and more streaming device being created.  I will walk you through the features, benefits, tips and tricks.  I will give you the insights I’ve gained as a long time streaming fan and professional.  You will learn how to love watching TV like many of my streaming clients. 

If you still have Cable TV, why?  Are you apprehensive about taking the plunge?  Feel you’re not “tech savvy” enough?  Feel overwhelmed by the increasing number of streaming services and streaming devices?  No need to worry.  I’m here to help.  My goal is to provide articles that make the world of streaming clearer for you.  Just know that if you want to begin streaming on your own, it will take some research or trial and error to get things right for you.  If that concept concerns you, I am working on my national streaming offering Streaming Crate, where your streaming devices and streaming services will arrive at your home ready to use, with helpful how to videos and guides.  Things are still in progress, but I hope to update you soon. 

But if you’re not interested in my services, that’s fine.  I love helping people, even if I may not benefit.  I have told a number of people that I cannot save them enough to justify my service, and often give them pointers on their switch.  I have given advice to people outside my service area to assist in my journey.  It’s funny, people are actually a little surprised when I honestly tell them my services are not for them, so try x,y, and z.  I just want you to enjoy your TV without paying an arm and a leg for it. 

And if you have already been streaming for a while, I can’t wait to show you all the streaming services that are out there for you to take advantage of.  It’s amazing how much free streaming content is available for you to watch.  I also want to show you how to get the most value out of the paid streaming services you may use. 

Streaming is great.  Streaming is fun.  Streaming is exciting.  Streaming is the future.  And I believe it’s still in its formative years.  It’s still a bit of the Wild West.  Comings and goings.  A lot can still change.  And change can be frustrating.  I hope to help ease that burden. 

In the beginning, this site will be positioned to help you will the switch to streaming.  Later on, posts will focus more on streaming service reviews, walkthroughs, and tips, as well as streaming device comparisons, insights, and functionality.  And I only concentrate on 100% legal and fully-licensed streaming content. 

So, let’s start our streaming journey…

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