The Latest Video Elephant Free Channels and Info

Video Elephant Channel Guide
Video Elephant Channel Guide

Video Elephant is a lesser-known service that has started distributing various Video Elephant to other services. You will find live video channels and channels that are a compilation of web videos.

Video Elephant currently offers 145 live channels, including popular and fan-favorite channels like:

  • Sports Illustrated
  • US Weekly TV
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Al Jazeera
  • Motor Trend
  • Truly

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Video Elephant Live Channel List

Video Elephant offers 145 live channels across 18 categories. You can join a Canela TV channel live by clicking the channel name. Happy streaming!

New & Opinion (26 Channels)

  • Euronews English: International news channel covering events in Europe
  • Al Jazeera English: Qatari government-funded international Arabic news
  • France 24: International news & current affairs channel based in Paris
  • Truly [Exclusive]: Station focused on weird and unusual news stories
  • OnlyGood [Exclusive]: Delivers heartwarming and uplifting videos to make you feel good
  • Goalcast: Documentary stories of athletes & celebrities who overcame obstacles
  • What’s Trending [Exclusive]: Daily social media, celebrity, pop culture, and digital news
  • b/60 [Exclusive]: Trending, entertaining, weird & fascinating videos around the globe
  • The Middle Block [Exclusive]: Latest news, entertainment, lifestyle, & sports events
  • One World News: News headlines, politics, and events from around the World
  • VideoElephant U.S. News [Exclusive]: Top news headlines, politics, and events from the United States
  • Weather News [Exclusive]: Weather forecasts and trending weather events from across the U.S.
  • All Talk [Exclusive]: Watch news commentators from around the nation
  • Baltimore Sun [Exclusive]: Baltimore news, sports, business, entertainment, weather, & traffic
  • Orlando Sentinel [Exclusive]: Orlando and Central Florida news, weather, activities, sports, & more
  • The Morning Call [Exclusive]: Get the latest Lehigh Valley & Eastern PA news
  • [Exclusive]: Watch music, news, and sports from your home area or across the U.S.
  • Liberty Media [Exclusive]: Right-leaning news, interview, & podcast network
  • Chicago Tribune [Exclusive]: Chicago news, sports, business, entertainment, weather, & traffic
  • U.K. News: Independent U.K. news & social media videos
  • PA Media [Exclusive]: Covers news from the UK, Ireland, and around the World
  • Zoomin: News, sports, entertainment, & stories from around the World
  • The Telegraph [Exclusive]: News & interest videos from U.K. paper The Telegraph
  • Feel Good: Uplifting and inspiring stories to brighten up your day
  • PA Media Real Life [Exclusive]: UK News agency covering real-life viral and interest stories
  • Vizio News [Exclusive]: Headlines, politics, and events from around the World

Sports (13 Channels)

  • Sports Illustrated [Exclusive]: Provides sports news, analysis, highlights, stats, & scores
  • Sports Grid: Betting insights, real-time odds, predictive models, and expert picks
  • The Fumble [Exclusive]: Covers everything from major plays to athletes’ after-hours
  • Adventure Sports Network: Adventure Sports, Outdoor, Lifestyle, and Travel
  • InFast: Travel, lifestyle, documentary, and action sports programming
  • VideoElephant Sports: Sports news, recaps, and analysis
  • U.S. Sports [Exclusive]: News, updates, reviews, and player info from professional sports
  • U.S. College Sports [Exclusive]: News, updates, reviews, and player info from collegiate sports
  • Hard Knocks: Telecast live across the globe showcasing MMA athletes
  • English Football: Watch coverage of English Football (Soccer) sporting events
  • CampusLore Sports: Pro athletes’ take on the college games
  • SNTV [Exclusive]: Interviews and moment-led features for sports fans worldwide
  • Adventure Sports: Extreme & outdoor sports programming

Celeb News (10 Channels)

  • Us Weekly TV: Celebrity news and exclusive interviews from US Weekly
  • Young Hollywood: Focused on celebrities, influencers, and lifestyle
  • Bossip [Exclusive]: Black celebrity gossip & entertainment news
  • VideoElephant Entertainment: Entertainment news, celeb gossip, and red carpet events
  • Bang Showbiz: Watch for the latest celebrity news
  • PA Media Royals [Exclusive]: Extensive coverage of the British Royal family
  • Cover Media [Exclusive]: News & visuals focused on celeb & feel-good news
  • Scoop Network [Exclusive]: Movie, fashion, music, and celebrity-related content
  • Hollyscoop [Exclusive]: Celebrity, TV, music, film, and Hollywood news & discussion
  • Entertainment Insider [Exclusive]: Celebrity social media, interviews, behind-the-scenes, and more

Black Focus (2 Channels)

  • Black Enterprise: Business, investing, and wealth-building resource for Black Americans
  • Cassius [Exclusive]: Black-oriented lifestyle & celeb news programming

Business (9 Channels)

  • Benzinga [Exclusive]: Empowers investors with stock market coverage & actionable ideas
  • CoinDesk: News focused on cryptocurrencies, NFTs, & blockchain
  • The Street [Exclusive]: Business news, stock analysis, market data, and trading ideas
  • Business TV [Exclusive]: The latest on business, the markets, and personal finance innovations
  • Investing Channel [Exclusive]: Stock market updates, intelligence, and finance professional advice
  • Bullish [Exclusive]: Focused on telling stories about money
  • Defiance: New focused on decentralized finance and tech, like crypto-currency
  • Crypto: Watch the latest in crypto, blockchain, and NFT news
  • Forkast News [Exclusive]: Focuses on AsiaPac blockchain, cryptocurrency, & emerging tech

Science|Tech (4 Channels)

  • Reviews [Exclusive]: Gadgets, gizmos, & collectibles news & reviews
  • Science Tech [Exclusive]: Science & tech news, from space exploration to Silicon Valley
  • [Exclusive]: Get the latest space exploration, innovation, and astronomy news
  • Unbelievable Facts [Exclusive]: Bizarre, strange, & extraordinary stories on the internet

Music (4 Channels)

  • Fuse TV [Exclusive]: Music news, videos, lifestyle, and culture
  • American Songwriter [Exclusive]: Music industry news, information, education, and contests
  • Music Hits [Exclusive]: Watch your top musicians and discover new artists
  • Real Music: Close-up view into the craft of making and playing music

Automotive (7 Channels)

  • MotorTrend [Exclusive]: Car reviews, news, rankings, & more
  • Automoto [Exclusive]: Automotive-focused programming like reviews, interviews, races, & more
  • Flying [Exclusive]: Videos & shows for pilots and aviation enthusiasts
  • Sailing World [Exclusive]: Connects the community of racing sailors
  • Wakeboarding [Exclusive]: Wakeboarding visuals, interviews, and gear reviews
  • Yachting [Exclusive]: Yachting news, clips, interviews, and gear reviews
  • Auto & Moto [Exclusive]: The latest in auto news, trends, and car culture

Fitness|Health (4 Channels)

  • Fitness + Health [Exclusive]: Watch short clips covering health, fitness, and better eating
  • Ultimate Pilates [Exclusive]: Watch former Radio City Rockettes teach you pilate exercises
  • Alignment Essentials [Exclusive]: Focuses on fitness, self-improvement, empowerment, and mindfulness
  • Yoga [Exclusive]: Your 24/7 source for all things yoga

Food|Cooking (7 Channels)

  • Bevs/Bites [Exclusive]: The best food and drinks recipes that will keep you wanting more
  • Mad Dog & Merrill [Exclusive]: Teach backyard enthusiasts the finer points of grilling
  • Firehouse Kitchen [Exclusive]: Visit firehouses across the country, sharing recipes and stories
  • Get Curried [Exclusive]: Get Curried focuses on delicious and easy recipes with an Indian-flair
  • Cocina [Exclusive]: Celebrates Latin American cuisine and lifestyle
  • Gastro [Exclusive]: Videos of people trying food at restaurants and sharing their thoughts
  • Just Desserts [Exclusive]: All the sugar you need to satisfy your sweet cravings

Animals|Pets (4 Channels)

  • San Diego Zoo [Exclusive]: The latest animal and conservation news from the San Diego Zoo
  • Animal Tales [Exclusive]: Watch stories about the safety, welfare, & well-being of animals
  • Pets and Pals: All things animals, all the time
  • Big Cat Rescue [Exclusive]: Education sanctuary covering tigers, lions, leopards, and more

Home|DIY (3 Channels)

  • Bob Vila [Exclusive]: Inspirational ideas and expert advice from Bob Vila
  • My DIY [Exclusive]: Calling all makers! Get inspired 24/7 with these DIY projects
  • Howcast [Exclusive]: Source for fun and helpful how-to videos and guides

Lifestyle (8 Channels)

  • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit [Exclusive]: Watch S.I. Swimsuit model interviews, workouts, & makeup tutorials
  • VideoElephant Lifestyle: Beauty, fitness, culinary, & home decor tips and inspiration
  • The Femme [Exclusive]: Beauty, fashion, parenting, and inspiring stories
  • Parent Life [Exclusive]: Tips, tricks, and more fun ideas for a happy home
  • MadameNoire [Exclusive]: MadameNoire is the leading lifestyle website for black women
  • Love & Marriage [Exclusive]: Learn how to keep the romance alive from the wedding altar to home
  • The Love Destination: One-stop destination for everything love, dating, and relationships
  • The Donna Drake Show [Exclusive]: Motivational interview show featuring inspiration, tips, & resources

Travel|Nature (6 Channels)

  • Sunset [Exclusive]: Western U.S. travel, culture, food, & décor TV shows
  • Go USA: Go-to spot for all travel-related content from the USA
  • Travels with Darley [Exclusive]: Darley Newman discovers the best travel spots around the world
  • Travel Escapes: Travel guides, training, videos, and tips
  • Jungle Survival [Exclusive]: Watch bare hands create architecture using only the Singaporean jungle
  • Islands [Exclusive]: Features tropical and high-end travel destinations

Gaming|Anime (10 Channels)

  • ArcadeCloud [Exclusive]: Home to animations inspired by video games
  • Gaming Geek: Watch promos and clips of upcoming gaming releases
  • Wisecrack [Exclusive]: Explores the intelligent side of pop culture
  • Upcomer [Exclusive]: Your guide to everything esports and all that it implies
  • Chrissmoove [Exclusive]: Video game walkthroughs from YouTuber Chris Smoove
  • Chimney Swift [Exclusive]: Minecraft content from gamer ChimneySwift11
  • Unbranded Gaming [Exclusive]: See what’s trending in entertainment, sports, business, gaming, & tech
  • Games World [Exclusive]: Games World brings you all the latest gaming news
  • V Previews [Exclusive]: Video game previews, CGI animations, & related content
  • Ark [Exclusive]: UGC and original programming from around the globe

Shorts (9 Channels)

  • Inspire Flix: Short documentary films featuring everyday people around the world
  • Right This Minute [Exclusive]: Viral videos with in-studio commentary
  • Web Daily [Exclusive]: The best of the web — all in one place
  • ViralsVids [Exclusive]: Fun fails. Cute animals. And everything in between
  • Drone TV: Drone TV features aerial videos from around the globe
  • MiniDocs [Exclusive]: Discover the latest news and stories from all corners of the world
  • One Minute History [Exclusive]: Bite-sized and informative history content
  • Unbranded. [Exclusive]: What’s trending in entertainment, sports, business, gaming, & tech
  • What If [Exclusive]: Short-doc series covering “What if…” scenarios

Espanol (8 Channels)

  • Bang Showbiz Spanish [Exclusive]: [Español] Watch for the latest celebrity news
  • Noticias de Latinoamerica [Exclusive]: [Español] News from various Latin American countries
  • Noticias de Espana [Exclusive]: [Español] News from around Spain
  • Latido Music [Exclusive]: [Español] [Music Video] Latin culture music videos, news, and shows
  • Buzz60 Latino [Exclusive]: [Español] Buzz60 Latino is designed for the way we live now
  • Diversion [Exclusive]: [Español] News, lifestyle, and entertainment from Spain
  • El Tiempo [Exclusive]: [Español] Environmental & weather-related news programming
  • Level Up TV: [Español] Gaming news, reviews, articles, forums, and more

International (11 Channels)

  • Noticias de Portugal [Exclusive]: [Português] Latest news headlines and politics from Portugal
  • Diversão [Exclusive]: Latest news on lifestyle, leisure, and entertainment from Portugal
  • Notizie dall’Italia [Exclusive]: The latest news and politics from Italy
  • Spot On News Deutsche Nachrichten [Exclusive]: German news from Spot On
  • Spot On News Unterhaltung [Exclusive]: Entertainment news from Spot On
  • Unterhaltung [Exclusive]: German entertainment news
  • Deutsche Nachrichten [Exclusive]: Current headlines and political developments from Germany
  • Actualites Francaises [Exclusive]: Latest news and French politics
  • Joie De Vivre [Exclusive]: French leisure and travel programming
  • Arab World News [Exclusive]: The latest news and political headlines from the Arab world
  • Russian news [Exclusive]: Latest news and policy trends in Russia

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