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Sports.TV Channel Guide
Sports.TV Channel Guide

Sports.TV is the sports-focused offshoot of Local Now. While Local Now has many sports channels at the bottom of the channel guide, Sports.TV brings all the sports content front and center.

Sports.TV currently offers 126 live channels, including popular and fan-favorite channels like:

  • Pac 12 Insider
  • Impact Wrestling
  • MMA TV
  • Pro Wrestling TV
  • Bein Sports Xtra
  • Bloomberg
  • OAN Plus
  • The Weather Channel en Espanol

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Sports.TV Live Channel List

Sports.TV offers 126 live channels across 9 categories. You can join a Sports.TV channel live by clicking the channel name. Happy streaming!

Sports Coverage (19 Channels)

Documentary (5 Channels)

Skill Games (8 Channels)

  • Chess TV [New]: Watch chess tournaments, games, and simuls.
  • World Poker Tour: Unique television shows based on a series of high-stakes tournaments
  • Poker Go: Poker tournament live streams and original series
  • World Billiards TV: Watch international cuesports matches and championships
  • Kozoom TV: Watch billiards tournaments from around the world & original shows
  • Billiard TV: Watch players compete on the biggest billiards stage
  • ITSF: Foosball competitions from the International Table Soccer Federation
  • Dungeon TV: Follows 6 Dungeons and Dragons role-players during an interactive war
  • ACL Cornhole TV: American Cornhole League events and original programming
  • Robot Wars by Mech+ [New]: Features robot & other tech caged battles

Outdoor Sports (19 Channels)

Combat Sports (16 Channels)

  • The Ring: Boxing-focused programming
  • Channel Fight: Martial arts instructional shows, sports highlights, and fight shows
  • Boxing TV: Classic matches to rising stars & news in the boxing world
  • Boxing World [New]: Boxing news, fights, predictions, and athlete profiles
  • MMA Legacy [New]: Watch past fights from the Legacy Fighting Alliance
  • Prime Fight: Covers boxing, MMA, karate, sumo, kickboxing, & more
  • Strongman Champions: Strongman competition taking place in premium venues across the globe
  • Fight Network: Complete coverage of combat sports and professional wrestling
  • Fite 24/7: Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, and more
  • Fight TV: Features combat sports
  • PFL: MMA with a sports season and a final championship for $1 million
  • KUNG FU +: Kung fu, karate, and other martial arts action movie channel!
  • The Grappling Network: Watch domestic and international non-striking combat sports
  • XFC TV: MMA competition content and fighter profiles
  • Hi-Yah: Asian action cinema, from new films to classic kung fu

Racing & Auto (16 Channels)

  • Nitro TV: Racing & Automotive sports TV
  • America’s Boating Channel: Focused on boater safety and education
  • Choppertown: Chopper, hot rod, and DIY series for car & bike enthusiasts
  • NHRA TV: Exclusive 24/7 American drag racing content from the NHRA
  • Speedvision: Automotive channel focused on design, restoration, how-to, & more
  • RPM: [Español] Watch dirt bike & BMX competitions & programming
  • The Motorcycle Channel [New]: Motorcycle reality series, racing, documentaries, and more
  • MotoAmerica TV: Programming focused on high-speed motorcycle racing
  • Automotion: Automotive programming from enthusiast to professional
  • Drive + Speed: European & international racing content & programs
  • Chrono: Features international racing historical documentaries
  • Motorsport.TV: Features niche motorsport racing live events and TV series
  • Motorvision TV: Covers all aspects related to the automobile industry
  • Motor Racing: British & European-focused racing content

News & Interest (11 Channels)

  • GQ: Men’s style advice, interviews, entertainment, and culture news
  • OmStars TV: Wellness videos such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, and more
  • AWE Plus: Replays of AWE focused on travel destinations, cars, homes, and more
  • USA Today [New]: The latest news and most interesting stories from USA Today
  • OAN Plus: Replays of conservative news network One America News (OAN)
  • Sightline/Military Times [New]: Military and history news, intel, and entertainment
  • Quietude [New]: Soothing and calming videos to relax and improve mental wellness
  • Bloomberg: 24-hour global business and financial news channel
  • Bloomberg Originals: Bloomberg programming focused on younger generations
  • Pattrn: For those who love Earth & who fight for its future
  • The Weather Channel en Espanol: [Español] The Spanish language edition of the Weather Channel

Local News (27 Channels)

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