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Local Now Live Channel Guide

In 2021, Local Now transitioned from news with localized weather to a free live-streaming service. A number of channels feature content from Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios.

Local Now currently offers 465 live channels, including popular and fan-favorite channels like:

  • QVC & HSN
  • Bloomberg
  • NewsMax
  • Court TV
  • AFV Family
  • Johnny Carson TV
  • McLeod’s Daughters
  • CBS News
  • Yahoo Finance
  • PBS

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Local Now Live Channel List

Local Now offers 465 live channels across 22 categories. When you click on a channel name, you will be taken to that channel. Happy streaming!

My City (3 Channels)

  • Local Now [Your Location] [Exclusive] (Varies): Local Now content set for your location
  • PBS [New] [Exclusive] (Varies): Livestream of your local PBS affiliate
  • Noticias [Region] [New] [Exclusive] (Varies): Telemundo regional programming based on your location

News and Opinion (23 Channels)

  • NBC News Now (Ch. 504): NBC’s round-the-clock live news channel
  • Today All Day (Ch. 506): News, segments, and uplifting stories from prior Today show episodes
  • CBS News [New] (Ch. 507): CBS’ live news channel, broadcasting 24/7
  • USA Today [New] (Ch. 509): The latest news and most interesting stories from USA Today
  • Scripps News (Ch. 510): Breaking world, science, tech, and political news
  • NewsNet (Ch. 511): 24/7 news channel focused on the headlines, not talk and opinion
  • Washington Post Live [New] (Ch. 515): Washington Post’s live journalism platform
  • Bloomberg (Ch. 516): 24-hour global business and financial news channel
  • Bloomberg Originals (Ch. 518): Bloomberg programming focused on younger generations
  • Cheddar (Ch. 520): Live-streaming business/financial news targeted toward millennials
  • Yahoo Finance (Ch. 522): Watch live market coverage, breaking news, and expert analysis
  • Newsmax (Ch. 524): Conservative news network
  • Salem News [New] (Ch. 525): Right-leaning network with Dennis Prager, Dinesh D’Souza, & more
  • OAN Plus (Ch. 526): Replays of conservative news network One America News (OAN)
  • The First (Ch. 528): Featuring host Bill O’Reilly, Dana Loesch, Buck Sexton, & Jesse Kelly
  • Time [New] (Ch. 531): News channel from the publishers of Time magazine
  • Vice News [New] (Ch. 532): Liberal news & opinion program in a docu-style format
  • Fednet (Ch. 534): News bureau that covers the United States Congress
  • Eurochannel English (Ch. 535): Watch European TV, movies, documentaries, and music
  • GB News [New] (Ch. 538): Right-leaning British news & opinion channel
  • Defiance (Ch. 542): New focused on decentralized finance and tech, like crypto-currency
  • ROI TV (Ch. 544): Personal Finance channel from real client-facing professionals
  • Fintech TV [New] (Ch. 546): News related to financial technology and new investment methods

True Crime (8 Channels)

  • Dateline 24/7 (Ch. 650): Top picks from the Dateline archives
  • American Crimes [New] (Ch. 652): Features NBC crime shows like American Greed & Lockup
  • Court TV (Ch. 654): Live coverage, legal reporting, and expert analysis of various trials
  • Law & Crime (Ch. 656): Bringing you the day’s biggest trials and legal controversies
  • Mysteria [New] (Ch. 658): True crime clips & shows from YouTube & Tiktok creators
  • Crime Stoppers (Ch. 660): Replays of the Crime Stoppers TV show that ran from 2009 to 2015
  • Stormcast True Stories [New] (Ch. 662): Watch true crime stories, court cases, & paranormal investigations
  • Crime & Punishment (Ch. 664): Crime & Legal related movies & TV shows

Action (18 Channels)

Comedy (13 Channels)

Documentary (12 Channels)

  • Vice [New] (Ch. 1160): Covers progressive lifestyle, entertainment, food, & activities
  • Gravitas Documentaries (Ch. 1162): Documentaries covering sports, crime, history, military, & society
  • MagellanTV Now (Ch. 1164): Documentaries on science, history, nature, mystery, and more
  • Docu Vision (Ch. 1166): Documentaries covering history, science, culture, & more
  • True History (Ch. 1168): Explore the moments, places, and people that shaped our world
  • History Film Channel (Ch. 1170): Features rarely seen historical films, documentaries, and shorts
  • Film Star Documentaries (Ch. 1172): Family-friendly documentaries
  • Docsville [New] (Ch. 1174): Global independent films platform
  • Hipstr (Ch. 1176): Documentaries, TV series, & Hipstr originals
  • Docubay (Ch. 1178): Crime, nature, travel, culture, science, sports, & other documentaries
  • Wedo Big Stories [New] (Ch. 1180): Focuses on true crime, nature, & science documentaries
  • The Grapevine (Ch. 1182): True stories, interviews, and reality series to enlighten and inspire

Drama (6 Channels)

En Espanol (27 Channels)

Entertainment (8 Channels)

  • Byron Allen Presents (Ch. 1000): Rebroadcasts of The Grio Awards
  • The Grio (Ch. 1001): Black-oriented news, opinion, & entertainment
  • Inside Edition [New] (Ch. 1004): Specializes in in-depth, hard news programming
  • Made in Hollywood (Ch. 1006): Celebrity interviews as they preview their new movies
  • Popstar TV (Ch. 1008): Female-focused dramas, comedies, movies, celebrity news, and gossip
  • Daily Flash (Ch. 1010): Daily show featuring soft news, fashion, & consumer trends
  • Love 2 Hate (Ch. 1012): Celebrity news, gossip, and lifestyle coverage
  • Watch Mojo (Ch. 1018): Known for its “Top 10” list video, ranking movies and pop culture

Family and Faith (12 Channels)

  • Dove Channel (Ch. 1202): Uplifting, enlightening movies & television shows for the whole family
  • Local Now Family Flix (Ch. 1206): Family-friendly movies from Local Now
  • For the Love of Animals (Ch. 1207): Animal and pet-focused documentaries, shows, & clips
  • The Pet Collective (Ch. 1208): Trending clips, entertaining memes, and funny animal videos
  • Bark TV/Fido TV (Ch. 1210): Family-friendly programming on specific breeds, training, and rescues
  • Da Vinci (Ch. 1212): Kid-focused educational & STEM programming
  • Wild America (Ch. 1214): Features 12 seasons of the PBS show “Wild America” & related videos
  • The Family TV Channel (Ch. 1220): Family-friendly classic TV programming
  • JLTV (Ch. 1226): English language Jewish-inspired programming
  • In Touch+ (Ch. 1228): Christian faith-based programming from In Touch Ministries
  • Christian Life TV (Ch. 1232): Christian programming, including sermons, conversations, and podcasts
  • Film Star (Ch. 1236): Family-friendly & faith-based movies across multiple genres

Gaming and More (9 Channels)

Horror and SciFi (10 Channels)

Lifestyle (32 Channels)

  • NBC Lx Home [New] (Ch. 1495): Home & lifestyle programming targeting younger audiences
  • GQ (Ch. 1500): Men’s style advice, interviews, entertainment, and culture news
  • Bon Appetit (Ch. 1501): Recipes, Cooking, Entertaining
  • Gusto TV (Ch. 1502): A mix of food and lifestyle, serving up fresh fare daily
  • Cooking Panda (Ch. 1504): Food recipes, how-to cooking videos, and fun cuisines to fit your diet
  • The Chef’s Kitchen (Ch. 1506): Chefs show cooking tips and techniques
  • Local Now Let’s Dine (Ch. 1508): Explores restaurants and food in major cities around the country
  • Tastemade [New] (Ch. 1510): Expert tastemakers offer daily inspiration through food and travel
  • Hungry (Ch. 1512): Dedicated to food and cooking, featuring celebrity chefs
  • Smart Healthy Green Living [New] (Ch. 1513): Home & Garden channel focused on sustainability
  • Love Stories TV (Ch. 1514): Showcases wedding videos from around the world
  • SurvivorNet (Ch. 1516): Inspirational documentaries for Cancer survivors and caretakers
  • Architectural Digest (Ch. 1517): Features the work of top architects and designers
  • Today’s Homeowner (Ch. 1518): Inspiration and advice for maintaining and improving your home
  • Homeful [New] (Ch. 1519): Real estate, renovation, and décor programming from Canada
  • Tastemade Home [New] (Ch. 1520): Tastemade live channel for home design, inspiration, & entertainment
  • AWE Plus (Ch. 1522): Replays of AWE focused on travel destinations, cars, homes, and more
  • RVTV [New] (Ch. 1523): Recreation Vehicle travel, lifestyles, tech, tours, & reviews
  • Global Fashion Channel (Ch. 1524): Fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle, & bridal programming
  • Hello Inspo [New] (Ch. 1526): Fashion, DIY, and cooking clips & shows from YouTube & Tiktok creators
  • Revry (Ch. 1540): A unique library of LGBT original series, films, music, and podcasts
  • Drag Race Universe [New] (Ch. 1544): Watch reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race TV series
  • Manifest TV (Ch. 1545): Watch holistic health, yoga, & natural exercise videos
  • OmStars TV (Ch. 1547): Wellness videos such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, and more
  • QVC (Ch. 1552): Live broadcast of national shopping station QVC
  • The Big Dish (Ch. 1553): Watch replays of culinary product showcases from QVC & more
  • HSN (Ch. 1554): Live broadcast of national shopping station Home Shopping Network
  • Shop LC (Ch. 1556): Live broadcast of discount and liquidation shopping station Shop LC
  • JTV Jewelry Love (Ch. 1558): Live broadcast of jewelry-focused shopping station JTV
  • Jewel School (Ch. 1560): Replays of jewelry-making YouTube tutorials
  • Craftsy TV (Ch. 1562): Learn and hone your craft-making skills
  • Made it Myself [New] (Ch. 1564): Watch it DIY and craft programming

Movies & TV (25 Channels)

Music and Arts (14 Channels)

  • Loupe (Ch. 1706): 4K visuals alongside music for serenity and vibrant décor
  • (Ch. 1712):
  • Local Now Music (Ch. 1716): Musician and music industry-related documentaries
  • Vevo Pop (Ch. 1718): [Music Video] The latest hit videos from the biggest artists
  • Vevo Country (Ch. 1726): [Music Video] Country music videos
  • Trace Urban (Ch. 1744): Hip-hop, R&B, & Rhythmic Top 40 music channel
  • Ditty TV (Ch. 1746): Watch artists’ performances, music videos, artist profiles, & more
  • Music Legends (Ch. 1750): Music features, concerts, & documentaries
  • Amusic (Ch. 1754): Youth-centric Nigerian music and entertainment
  • Ofive (Ch. 1756): French alternative music video & interview station
  • Party Tyme Karaoke (Ch. 1758): [Music Audio] Sing along with hits
  • Now 70s [New] (Ch. 1760): Watch 1970s music videos & performances
  • Now 80s [New] (Ch. 1761): Watch 1980s music videos & performances
  • Now Rock [New] (Ch. 1762): Watch rock music videos & performances from the 70s to today

Nature and Outdoors (13 Channels)

  • Pattrn (Ch. 1050): For those who love Earth & who fight for its future
  • PBS Nature (Ch. 1052): Documentary program about wildlife, ecosystems, and natural history
  • Love Nature (Ch. 1054): Shines a light on the battle for the survival of Earth
  • Wild Earth (Ch. 1056): Family-friendly content transporting you to remote wilderness areas
  • Xploration Station (Ch. 1058): STEM-focused programming aimed at teens
  • Waypoint TV (Ch. 1060): Fishing and hunting shows and films
  • Outside TV+ (Ch. 1062): Collection of adventure sports videos
  • Outdoor America (Ch. 1064): Designed for people passionate about outdoor sports and recreation
  • Carbon TV (Ch. 1066): Watch hunting, fishing, farming, off-road, & country lifestyle shows
  • Wired2Fish (Ch. 1068): Bass Fishing Tips, Videos, and Tackle Reviews
  • Pursuit Up (Ch. 1070): For outdoor enthusiasts, whether it’s fishing, shooting, or hunting
  • Skull Bound [New] (Ch. 1072): Jana Waller hunts and fishes around the world
  • Outdoor Action TV (Ch. 1074): Hunting & fishing programming for the outdoor enthusiast

Reality (13 Channels)

Relaxation (6 Channels)

  • Local Now Zen (Ch. 1902): Drone footage of nature with soothing music
  • Local Now Coffeehouse (Ch. 1908): Coffeehouse shots with relaxing music
  • Deluxe Lounge HD (Ch. 1910): High-quality landscape & city shots combined with lounge music
  • (Ch. 1912): Experience the relaxing beauty and wonder of nature anytime
  • Quietude (Ch. 1914): Soothing and calming videos to relax and improve mental wellness
  • Drone TV (Ch. 1916): Drone TV features aerial videos from around the globe

Sports (48 Channels)

  • Sportsnews (Ch. 2001): Sports news & highlights 24/7, without debate or opinion
  • USA Today Sports [New] (Ch. 2003): Live, fresh, and insightful sports takes from USA Today
  • Golazo Network [New] (Ch. 2004): Soccer free matches, highlights, news, & analysis from CBS Sports
  • CampusLore Sports (Ch. 2006): Pro athletes’ take on the college games
  • HBCU Go (Ch. 2008): Programming focused on historically black colleges & universities
  • Perfect Game (Ch. 2009): Baseball & softball-focused news, analysis, & highlights
  • Sports TV Plus (Ch. 2020): Football, baseball, racing, soccer, & more
  • Bein Sports Xtra (Ch. 2022): Soccer & international sports live events, news, & analysis
  • Sports Grid (Ch. 2024): Betting insights, real-time odds, predictive models, and expert picks
  • American Association Baseball [New] (Ch. 2026): Features lower-league and amateur baseball games
  • Strongman Champions (Ch. 2032): Strongman competition taking place in premium venues across the globe
  • Court Sports Network [New] (Ch. 2040): Serves Pickleball, Tennis, Padel, and other paddle sports
  • World Poker Tour (Ch. 2042): Unique television shows based on a series of high-stakes tournaments
  • Poker Go (Ch. 2046): Poker tournament live streams and original series
  • ACL Cornhole TV (Ch. 2048): American Cornhole League events and original programming
  • Billiard TV (Ch. 2050): Watch players compete on the biggest billiards stage
  • Kozoom TV (Ch. 2054): Watch billiards tournaments from around the world & original shows
  • PFL (Ch. 2062): MMA with a sports season and a final championship for $1 million
  • XFC TV (Ch. 2066): MMA competition content and fighter profiles
  • Wrestling Legends Network (Ch. 2068): Classic recordings of professional wrestling matches
  • Boxing Spotlight (Ch. 2070): Classic matches to rising stars and upcoming news in the boxing world
  • Fight TV Plus (Ch. 2072): Boxing, kickboxing, MMA, muay thai, wrestling, & more
  • Wrestling Spotlight (Ch. 2074): Classic matches & rising stars from indie wrestling in North America
  • Boxing TV (Ch. 2076): Classic matches to rising stars & news in the boxing world
  • BritBash (Ch. 2078): British professional wrestling shows
  • Boxing World [New] (Ch. 2079): Boxing news, fights, predictions, and athlete profiles
  • Fite 24/7 (Ch. 2080): Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, and more
  • The Grappling Network (Ch. 2082): Watch domestic and international non-striking combat sports
  • BikeMag [New] (Ch. 2085): Features cycling & bike sports events, films, & athlete profiles
  • People Are Awesome (Ch. 2086): Ordinary people doing extraordinary things
  • Transworld Skateboarding [New] (Ch. 2087): Skateboarding series, features, athlete profiles, & more
  • Unreel (Ch. 2088): Watch extreme sports reality & documentary TV shows
  • Surfer [New] (Ch. 2089): Celebrates surfing with documentaries, athlete profiles, & more
  • Xcorps (Ch. 2090): Focuses on non-traditional action sports and emerging music
  • Extreme Plus (Ch. 2091): Action/adventure sports and lifestyle channel
  • Whacked Out Sports (Ch. 2093): Features sports programming like Sports Crash & Monster Knockout
  • Powder [New] (Ch. 2094): Features skiing series, documentaries, live events, & features
  • World of Free Sports [New] (Ch. 2095): Outdoor and extreme sports
  • Snowboarder [New] (Ch. 2096): Showcases snowboarding culture, documentaries, & more
  • Adventure Sports TV (Ch. 2097): Adventure Sports, Outdoor, Lifestyle, and Travel
  • NHRA TV (Ch. 2114): Exclusive 24/7 American drag racing content from the NHRA
  • Motorvision TV (Ch. 2116): Covers all aspects related to the automobile industry
  • Motorsport.TV (Ch. 2121): Features niche motorsport racing live events and TV series
  • MotoAmerica TV (Ch. 2124): Programming focused on high-speed motorcycle racing
  • Speedvision (Ch. 2125): Automotive channel focused on design, restoration, how-to, & more
  • Auto Allstars (Ch. 2128): British, Australian, & New Zealand racing programming
  • Bosco Plus [New] (Ch. 2132): California high school league sports
  • Holr Sports (Ch. 2134): Atlantic City-based sports coverage

Travel (10 Channels)

World Interest (8 Channels)

  • Demand Africa (Ch. 2208): Afrocentric TV shows, series, lifestyle, soaps, & movies from Africa
  • Afroland TV (Ch. 2210): Watch Hundreds of African movies, Nollywood, and TV shows from Africa
  • Nolly Africa (Ch. 2211): English language Nollywood & African movies, series, & talk shows
  • X2D TV (Ch. 2212): African urban gospel entertainment & lifestyle channel
  • Feva TV [New] (Ch. 2213): Canadian Black-focused entertainment programming
  • Tid Pix [New] (Ch. 2215): African drama movies channel
  • Trace Brazuca (Ch. 2216): [Português] Brazilian AfroUrban culture channel
  • Shemaroo Bollywood [New] (Ch. 2244): Features classic, contemporary, & newer Bollywood movies

More Cities (147 Channels)

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