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Vix TV Channel Guide
Vix TV Channel Guide

From time to time, I might have a customer or prospect looking for streaming services in their native language, especially Spanish. Fortunately, Vix offers plenty of Spanish-language content with more Latino channels than most cable packages, and it’s all for FREE!

Vix currently offers 89 live channels, including popular and fan-favorite channels like:

  • Zona TUDN
  • Noticias Univision 24/7
  • Heartland en Espanol
  • La Rosa de Guadalupe
  • Baywatch en Espanol
  • Impact Wrestling Espanol
  • El Reino Infantil
  • Como Dice el Dicho
  • La Promesa
  • Nosotros los Guapos

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Vix Live Channel List

Vix offers 89 live channels across 11 categories. You can join a Vix channel live by clicking the channel name. Happy streaming!

Noticias (15 Channels)

Deportes (8 Channels)

  • Zona TUDN (Ch. 200): [Español] Features event coverage, analysis, commentary, & interviews
  • bein Sports Xtra en Espanol (Ch. 205): [Español] Soccer & international sports live events, news, & analysis
  • Real Madrid TV (Ch. 210): Real Madrid’s La Liga games, club insight, and breaking news
  • Lo Mejor de Liga MX (Ch. 211): [Español] Memorable games and clashes from the Mexican soccer league
  • Tigo Sports (Ch. 213): [Español] Watch South American and Caribbean sports programming
  • Red Bull TV (Ch. 215): Home of Red Bull sporting events, concerts, and TV shows
  • Combate Global (Ch. 225): [Español] MMA events, reality television, and lifestyle programming
  • Impact/TNA Wrestling Espanol (Ch. 230): [Español] Classic content and the weekly shows from Impact/TNA Wrestling

Comedias (8 Channels)

  • Jajaja (Ch. 302): [Español] Popular comedies like Nosotros los guapos & Necinos
  • Risas de Oro (Ch. 310): [Español] Classic comedies like Los González & Papá soltero
  • Risa Picante (Ch. 320): [Español] New comedy series like La Jaula
  • La Familia P. Luche (Ch. 325): [Español] Sitcom about a dysfunctional family in a colorful world
  • Vecinos (Ch. 330): [Español] Portrays the life of everyday people in Mexican barrios
  • 40 y 20 (Ch. 340): [Español] Comedy about the challenges of a divorced father and his son
  • Nosotros Los Guapos (Ch. 350): [Español] Two best friends try to find good jobs, a home, & true love
  • Una Familia de Diez (Ch. 370): [Español] Follow a big family of ten living in one apartment

Cine (9 Channels)

  • Cine Hollywood (Ch. 402): [Español] Every night is movie night with these popular movies
  • Cine Extremo (Ch. 405): [Español] Action movies from Vix
  • Cine Boom (Ch. 410): [Español] Action movies from Vix
  • My Time Movie Network Espanol (Ch. 415): [Español] New and original movies, from rom-coms to thrillers
  • Cine de Oro (Ch. 420): [Español] Dedicated to the golden age of Mexican cinema
  • Cine Retro (Ch. 425): [Español] Classic movies from the 1940s to the 1970s
  • Moovimex (Ch. 430): [Español] Assortment of Mexican action, comedy, and variety movies
  • Cine Narco (Ch. 435): [Español] Crime-related movies
  • Todo Cine [New] (Ch. 438): [Español] Watch action, drama, comedy, and satire films

Novelas (20 Channels)

  • Grandes Parejas (Ch. 500): [Español] novellas centered around loving couples
  • Galanes (Ch. 501): [Español] novellas featuring Univision’s biggest stars
  • Las 3 Marias (Ch. 502): [Español] Episodes of Maria la del Barrio, Maria Mercedes, & Marimar
  • Angelique (Ch. 503): [Español] Dedicated to shows starring Angelique Boyer
  • Todo Novelas, mas Pasiones [New] (Ch. 504): [Español] Novelas & drama series from around the world
  • RCTV Novelas (Ch. 510): [Español] Novelas from Venezuelan TV channel RCTV
  • Amor Real (Ch. 520): [Español] An 19th-century benefactor searched for true love
  • La Fea mas Bella (Ch. 525): [Español] The world’s ugliest woman falls for her boss
  • Una Familia con Suerte (Ch. 530): [Español] A wealthy businesswoman takes in a low-income family
  • Lo Que La Vida Me Robo (Ch. 535): [Español] A mother forces her daughter to marry a wealthy man
  • Teresa (Ch. 540): [Español] Popular telenovela starring Angelique Boyer
  • Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe (Ch. 550): [Español] Rafael must pay off his debts to Alejandra & win her love
  • La Que No Podia Amar (Ch. 555): [Español] A woman leaves her cruel husband and meets a savior
  • Mi Corazon Es Tuyo (Ch. 560): [Español] A poor homeless woman becomes a nanny for a wealthy father
  • Que Culpa Tiene Fatmagul [New] (Ch. 565): [Español] Turkish novela about a young woman seeking revenge
  • Rebelde (Ch. 570): [Español] Telenovela about six students in a prestigious college
  • Sortilegio (Ch. 575): [Español] Telenovela starring Jacqueline Bracamontes & William Levy
  • Café con Aroma de Mujer [New] (Ch. 576): [Español] A girls falls in love with a man who holds her family land
  • Triunfo del Amor (Ch. 580): [Español] An aspiring model and rich fashion designer fall in love
  • Amores Verdaderos (Ch. 590): [Español] Modern take on forbidden love in the world of fashion

Investiga (5 Channels)

  • Cops en Espanol (Ch. 602): [Español] Follows real officers on patrol as they conduct patrols
  • Los Archivos del FBI (Ch. 610): [Español] Dramatic reenactments of famous FBI investigations
  • Justicia (Ch. 620): [Español] Replays of Unsolved Mysteries and Fugitivos De La Ley
  • Historias de Ultratumba (Ch. 640): [Español] First-person stories about encounters with the paranormal
  • Sala de Emergencias (Ch. 670): [Español] Reenactments & interviews about real medical emergencies

Series (19 Channels)

  • Canal Vix [New] (Ch. 700): [Español] News, Sports, Live Programming, & Telenovelas from Vix
  • Vix Premium Preview (Ch. 705): [Español] Showcases premium content from Vix+
  • La Rosa de Guadalupe (Ch. 170): [Español] Drama series about Mexicans’ relationship with Catholicism
  • Como Dice el Dicho (Ch. 715): [Español] Centers around the challenges of a café’s customers
  • Desafio (Ch. 720): [Español] Watch obstacle course competitions for money & other prizes
  • RCN Mas (Ch. 730): [Español] Novellas, reality TV, & game shows by RCN Televisión
  • Nuestra Vision (Ch. 731): [Español] Live news, classic movies, and special events from Mexico
  • MotorTrend Veloz TV [New] (Ch. 740): [Español] Motortrend programs like Iron Resurrection & Texas Metal
  • Homeful en Espanol [New] (Ch. 745): [Español] Real estate, renovation, and décor programming from Canada
  • Cocina TV (Ch. 750): [Español] Watch cooking shows like Dulces Netas con Victoria
  • Love Nature en Espanol (Ch. 755): [Español] Shines a light on the battle for the survival of Earth
  • The Bob Ross Channel en Espanol (Ch. 762): [Español] Relaxing, learn-to-paint channel starring Bob Ross
  • Tu Clio (Ch. 765): [Español] Historical Documentaries from Clio TV
  • Vevo Regional Mexicano (Ch. 770): [Español] Listen to an array of traditional Mexican music genres
  • Lo Mejor de Vina del Mar (Ch. 772): [Español] Selection of best Viña del Mar festival performances
  • Batalla (Ch. 775): [Español] Red Bull’s Latin American rap battle competition
  • Minuto Para Ganar (Ch. 780): [Español] Argentine adaptation of Minute to Win It
  • Sony Canal Competencias [New] (Ch. 785): [Español] Competition series and gameshows
  • Pequenos Gigantes (Ch. 800): [Español] Talent show of kids from various Latin American countries

Kids (5 Channels)

  • El Reino Infantil (Ch. 805): [Español] Watch the popular Argentinian preschooler music channel
  • Baby Shark en Espanol (Ch. 810): [Español] Nursery Rhymes, Healthy Habits, Colors, Letters, and more
  • Lego en Espanol (Ch. 812): [Español] Watch Lego cartoons, live shows, and clips
  • Rosita Fresita (Ch. 815): [Español] Episodes of Strawberry Shortcake
  • El Chavo [New] (Ch. 820): [Español] Animated series based on El Chavo del Ocho

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