The Latest Cineverse Free Channels and Info

Cineverse Live Channel Guide
Cineverse Live Channel Guide

Cineverse is an independent film & documentary company that specializes in niche topics. In late 2022, Cineverse launched a new service that features films from its in-house brands, as live TV showcases its content and other smaller specialty streamers.

Cineverse currently offers 28 live channels, including popular and fan-favorite channels like:

  • The Bob Ross Channel
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • Elvis Presley Channel
  • Johnny Carson TV
  • The Carol Burnett Show
  • Cineverse Selects
  • Real Madrid TV
  • The Dove Channel
  • Lone Star

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Cineverse Live Channel List

Cineverse offers 28 live channels across 6 categories. Happy streaming!

Movies (6 Channels)

  • Dove Channel: Uplifting, enlightening movies & television shows for the whole family
  • Cineverse Selects: Features films from the Cineverse library
  • Docurama: An eclectic mix of documentaries, films, and TV series
  • El Rey: Latino-infused network showcasing originals, films, and TV series
  • Bloody Disgusting TV: Horror films, originals, exclusives, video podcasts, and shorts
  • Midnight Pulp: Selection of cult programming with a twist of millennial irreverence

Classics (5 Channels)

  • The Bob Ross Channel: Relaxing, learn-to-paint channel starring Bob Ross
  • Elvis Presley Channel: Elvis Presley documentaries, concerts, movies, & more
  • Lone Star: Western feature films, classic television, serials, and shorts
  • Shout Factory TV: Classic, contemporary, and cult TV series
  • The Film Detective: Offers hundreds of hours of classic film and television

Entertainment (5 Channels)

  • Real Madrid TV: Real Madrid’s La Liga games, club insight, and breaking news
  • Crime Hunters: Watch mystery, paranormal, and mystery stories
  • Country Network: [Music Video] Country music videos from the 1990s to today
  • So Real: Reality series and dramas from the UK & Australia
  • The Only Way is Essex: British reality television series based in Brentwood, Essex, England

Comedy (4 Channels)

  • Comedy Dynamics: Features stand-up comedy specials, as well as comedy movies and shows
  • The Carol Burnett Show: Reruns of the 1970s classic variety/sketch comedy series
  • Johnny Carson TV: The best episodes of the King of Late Night Television
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: A man and two robots watch B movies while they mock the subpar films

International (4 Channels)

  • The Bob Ross Channel en Espanol: [Español] Relaxing, learn-to-paint channel starring Bob Ross
  • Asian Crush: The one-stop portal to the latest Asian film and TV content
  • KMTV: All things K-POP, from the newest releases to variety show highlights
  • Tokushoutsu: Japanese shows, Kaiju films, documentaries, and originals

Gaming|Anime (4 Channels)

  • Retro Crush: Watch classic anime, including exclusive English releases
  • ESTV: The first 24/7 esports channel, delivering live events and gamer shows
  • Con TV: Devoted to all the content celebrated by the ComicCon community
  • Con TV Anime: Meeting the needs of anime fans with acclaimed anime series & movies

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