The Latest USTV Now Free Channels and Info

USTV Now Live Channel Guide
USTV Now Live Channel Guide

USTV Now is a service that provides American TV services to U.S. Military and citizens abroad. Recently, USTV Now has launched a free live TV service, adding channels fast.

USTV Now currently offers 37 live channels, including fan favorites and channels of interest like:

  • Reuters
  • PBS Kids
  • Red Green Channel
  • OAN Plus
  • FETV
  • QVC 3
  • PBS’ The World Channel

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USTV Now Live Channel List

USTV Now offers 37 live channels across 10 categories. You can join a USTV Now channel live by clicking the channel name. Happy streaming!

Sports (5 Channels)

  • Fuel TV (Ch. 2): Dedicated to the action sports of Skate, Surf, BMX, Snow, and MTB
  • MTRSPT1 (Ch. 5): Racing, motorsports reality TV, & builder shows
  • Fite 24/7 (Ch. 10): Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, and more
  • Pursuit Up (Ch. 15): For outdoor enthusiasts, whether it’s fishing, shooting, or hunting
  • U.S. Army MWR [Exclusive] [App Only] (Ch. 31): U.S. Army’s Morale, Welfare, & Recreation sporting events

Mixed Programming (16 Channels)

  • World Poker Tour (Ch. 3): Unique television shows based on a series of high-stakes tournaments
  • Action!!! (Ch. 4): Global action movies and TV shows
  • Best TV Ever (Ch. 7): Classic programming like The Lucy Show, Ozzie & Harriet, and Dragnet
  • Cinema Libre (Ch. 8): Social issue awareness and activism Indie films & documentaries
  • Red Green Channel (Ch. 9): Canadian show that is a cross between sitcom & sketch comedy
  • Dark Corners (Ch. 12): Horror and Mystery programming
  • Commune (Ch. 13): Yoga, meditation, mindful eating, and being your better self
  • Drone TV (Ch. 14): Drone TV features the greatest aerial videos from around the globe
  • Watch Mojo (Ch. 16): Known for its “Top 10” list video, ranking movies and pop culture
  • Globi (Ch. 18): Watch international tv shows
  • AWE Plus [App Only] (Ch. 22): Replays of AWE, focused on travel destinations, cars, homes, and more
  • Level Up TV (Ch. 23): [Español] Gaming news, reviews, articles, forums, and more
  • More U (Ch. 24): Discussion and instruction for meditation, yoga, and consciousness
  • The Grid (Ch. 25): Urban pop-themed features, movies, and series
  • Trailers from Hell (Ch. 26): Eclectic assortment of trailers with filmmaker commentary
  • Pelimex [New] (Ch. 31): English & Spanish language independent films

News (2 Channels)

  • Reuters (Ch. 6): Catch up on what’s happening in the world 24/7 with Reuters News
  • OAN Plus (Ch. 29): Replays of conservative news network One America News (OAN)

Fashion (2 Channels)

  • Global Fashion Channel (Ch. 11): Fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle, & bridal programming
  • FashionTV (Ch. 19): Dedicates to all things fashion, from the catwalk to the latest trends

Food (2 Channels)

  • New KFood (Ch. 20): Watch South Korean cooking and eating (Mukbang) TV shows
  • Planet Eat (Ch. 21): Focuses on professional culinary skills & culinary career paths

Comedy (2 Channels)

  • Twisted Mirror (Ch. 1): Short and long-form comedy content and movies
  • Witz [New] (Ch. 32): Feature stand-up comedy specials and comedy TV shows

Documentary (1 Channel)

  • Documentary+ (Ch. 17): Classic & popular documentaries, festival darlings, and cult favorites

Entertainment (1 Channel)

  • Go USA (Ch. 27): Go-to spot for all travel-related content from the USA

Political/Economics (1 Channel)

  • ROI TV (Ch. 28): Personal Finance channel from real client-facing professionals

Web Only (5 Channels)

  • Pursuit Channel [Exclusive] [Exclusive]: Hunting, fishing, shooting, & outdoor recreation channel
  • PBS Kids: Children’s programming from the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
  • The World Channel [Exclusive] [Exclusive]: Worldwide documentary PBS subchannel
  • FETV [Exclusive] [Exclusive]: Classic TV shows from the 50s to the 80, along with faith-based shows
  • QVC 3: Airs previous recordings of QVC & QVC 2 programming

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