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Glewed TV Channel Guide
Glewed TV Channel Guide

Glewed TV is a lesser-known service that offers content that some of my customers have really enjoyed. Glewed TV has a unique mix of documentaries, niche movies, cooking shows, and a decent amount of health & wellness programming.

Glewed TV currently offers 48 free live channels, including popular and fan-favorite channels like:

  • Impact Wrestling
  • Shop LC
  • OAN Plus
  • Sightline/Military Times
  • Pursuit Up
  • The First
  • Shop HQ

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Glewed TV Live Channel List

Glewed TV offers 48 live channels across 12 categories. You can join a Glewed TV channel live by clicking the channel name.

Estrella News and Fightstars are available to watch on your web browser and not the Glewed TV app.

Happy streaming!

Sports (9 Channels)

  • Swerve Sports: Sports documentaries, movies, and athlete content
  • CampusLore Sports: Pro athletes’ take on the college games
  • ESTV: The first 24/7 esports channel, delivering live events and gamer shows
  • Fight Network [App Only]: Complete coverage of combat sports and professional wrestling
  • The Boat Show: Dedicated to nautical lovers and boat owners
  • Glewed TV Free Sports [Exclusive] [App Only]: Free sports highlights, news, and analysis
  • Impact Wrestling [App Only]: Classic content and the weekly show IMPACT! From Impact Wrestling
  • Fite 24/7: Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, and more
  • Fightstars [Exclusive] [Exclusive]: Boxing fights, interviews, documentaries, specials, & more

Biographies & History (2 Channels)

  • True History: Explore the moments, places, and people that shaped our world
  • Sightline/Military Times [App Only]: Military and history news, intel, and entertainment

Travel & Exploration (5 Channels)

  • Outdoor America [App Only]: Designed for people passionate about outdoor sports and recreation
  • Pursuit Up: For outdoor enthusiasts, whether it’s fishing, shooting, or hunting
  • Wired2Fish [App Only]: Bass Fishing Tips, Videos, and Tackle Reviews
  • Choppertown: Chopper, hot rod, and DIY series for car & bike enthusiasts
  • The Jet Set: Travel news, lifestyle trends, and on-location destination features

Entertainment (4 Channels)

  • [Exclusive] [App Only]: Movie previews and related celebrity interviews
  • Made in Hollywood: Celebrity interviews as they preview their new movies
  • Dark Matter TV [New] [App Only]: Sci-fi, horror, and action content
  • Ace TV [App Only]: Features classic movies and shows like “The Commish”

Music (1 Channel)

  • AXS TV Now [App Only]: Music and lifestyle network tailor-made for entertainment junkies

Lifestyle (9 Channels)

  • Lifestyle Magazine [Exclusive] [App Only]: Talk show focused on all aspects of whole life health
  • Bspoke TV [App Only]: Focuses on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers from YouTube
  • Living Modern: Focuses on tech, travel, health, entertainment, and lifestyle
  • GymRa Fitness [Exclusive] [App Only]: Fitness shows focused on workouts without gyms or major equipment
  • AWE Plus: Replays of AWE, focused on travel destinations, cars, homes, and more
  • Alignment Essentials [App Only]: Focuses on fitness, self-improvement, empowerment, and mindfulness
  • Azulfit [Exclusive] [App Only]: Pilates and yoga-focused workout programming
  • Quietude [App Only]: Soothing and calming videos to relax and improve mental wellness
  • GymRa Fitness 2 [Exclusive] [App Only]: Fitness shows focused on workouts without gyms or major equipment

En Espanol (2 Channels)

  • Estrella TV: [Español] News, game shows, reality shows, competitions, & talk shows
  • Estrella News: [Español] Delivers local, national, entertainment, and sports news

News (8 Channels)

  • Defiance: New focused on decentralized finance and tech, like crypto-currency
  • WION: Indian multinational English-language news channel
  • Newsy: Breaking world, science, tech, and political news
  • NewsNet [App Only]: 24/7 news channel focused on the headlines, not talk and opinion
  • YouToo America: User Submitted content across a variety of topics
  • The First: Featuring host Bill O’Reilly, Dana Loesch, Buck Sexton, & Jesse Kelly
  • Biz TV: Focused on entrepreneurs, small businesses, & family asset management
  • OAN Plus: Replays of conservative news network One America News (OAN)

Food & Cooking (2 Channels)

  • Family Kitchen Revival [Exclusive] [App Only]: Chef John Scinto helps families overcome hardship & connect with food
  • Firehouse Kitchen [App Only]: Visit firehouses across the country, sharing recipes and stories

Movie Night (3 Channels)

  • Glewed TV Free Movies [Exclusive] [App Only]: Selected films from a library of thousands of movies
  • American Horrors [Exclusive] [App Only]: Horror films, shorts, and original content
  • Horror Machine [App Only]: Behold the granddaddy of all horror channels

Shopping (2 Channels)

  • Shop LC [App Only]: Live broadcast of discount and liquidation shopping station Shop LC
  • Shop HQ [App Only]: Kitchen & home appliances, jewelry, electronics, and beauty products

Adventure (1 Channel)

  • Fun Roads TV: Taps into the spirit of the open road

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