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Glewed TV Channel Guide
Glewed TV Channel Guide

Glewed TV is a lesser-known service that offers content that some of my customers have enjoyed. Glewed TV has a unique mix of documentaries, niche movies, cooking shows, and a decent amount of health & wellness programming.

Glewed TV currently offers 52 free live channels, including popular and fan-favorite channels like:

  • Impact Wrestling
  • Shop LC
  • OAN Plus
  • Sightline/Military Times
  • Pursuit Up
  • The First
  • Shop HQ

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Glewed TV Live Channel List

Glewed TV offers 52 live channels across 12 categories. You can join a Glewed TV channel live by clicking the channel name.

Estrella News and Fightstars are available on your web browser, not the Glewed TV app.

Happy streaming!

Lifestyle (9 Channels)

  • Evrgrn [New] [App Only]: Actor Tom Skerritt’s free channel streams the best of the Northwest
  • BLK Cinema [New] [App Only]: Features black-oriented movies
  • Property & Reno [New] [App Only]: Features real estate buying and home renovations TV shows
  • Bspoke TV [App Only]: Focuses on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencers from YouTube
  • Living Modern: Focuses on tech, travel, health, entertainment, and lifestyle
  • GymRa Fitness [Exclusive] [App Only]: Fitness shows focused on workouts without gyms or major equipment
  • AWE Plus: Replays of AWE focused on travel destinations, cars, homes, and more
  • Quietude [App Only]: Soothing and calming videos to relax and improve mental wellness
  • GymRa Fitness 2 [Exclusive] [App Only]: Fitness shows focused on workouts without gyms or major equipment

Entertainment (7 Channels)

  • Nosey [New] [App Only]: Watch Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Steve Wilkos, and more
  • Made in Hollywood: Celebrity interviews as they preview their new movies
  • Ace TV [App Only]: Features classic movies and shows like “The Commish”
  • Real Nosey [New] [App Only]: Steve Wilkos and classic court shows bring real drama to you
  • [Exclusive] [App Only]: Movie previews and related celebrity interviews
  • Dark Matter TV [App Only]: Sci-fi, horror, and action content
  • Ace TV [App Only]: Features classic movies and shows like “The Commish”

Sports (11 Channels)

  • Swerve Sports: Sports documentaries, movies, and athlete content
  • Bleav [App Only]: Sports podcast network
  • Fite 24/7: Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, and more
  • CampusLore Sports: Pro athletes’ take on the college games
  • Bleav Football [App Only]: Sports podcast network focused on professional & college football
  • ESTV: The first 24/7 esports channel, delivering live events and gamer shows
  • Fight Network [App Only]: Complete coverage of combat sports and professional wrestling
  • The Boat Show: Dedicated to nautical lovers and boat owners
  • Glewed TV Free Sports [Exclusive] [App Only]: Free sports highlights, news, and analysis
  • Impact Wrestling [App Only]: Classic content and the weekly show IMPACT! From Impact Wrestling
  • Fightstars: Boxing fights, interviews, documentaries, specials, & more

News (9 Channels)

  • Scripps News: Breaking world, science, tech, and political news
  • Crime & Justice [New] [App Only]: Watch real-life criminal investigations as they unfold
  • WION: Indian multinational English-language news channel
  • Defiance: New focused on decentralized finance and tech, like crypto-currency
  • Biz TV: Focused on entrepreneurs, small businesses, & family asset management
  • NewsNet [App Only]: 24/7 news channel focused on the headlines, not talk and opinion
  • YouToo America: User Submitted content across a variety of topics
  • The First: Featuring host Bill O’Reilly, Dana Loesch, Buck Sexton, & Jesse Kelly
  • OAN Plus: Replays of conservative news network One America News (OAN)

Music (1 Channel)

  • AXS TV Now [App Only]: Music and lifestyle network tailor-made for entertainment junkies

Biographies & History (2 Channels)

  • True History: Explore the moments, places, and people that shaped our world
  • Sightline/Military Times [App Only]: Military and history news, intel, and entertainment

Adventure (2 Channels)

  • Real Disaster Channel [New] [App Only]: Watch disaster and survival stories
  • Fun Roads TV: Taps into the spirit of the open road

En Espanol (2 Channels)

  • Estrella TV: [Español] News, game shows, reality shows, competitions, & talk shows
  • Estrella News: [Español] Delivers local, national, entertainment, and sports news

Travel & Exploration (5 Channels)

  • Outdoor America [App Only]: Designed for people passionate about outdoor sports and recreation
  • Pursuit Up: For outdoor enthusiasts, whether it’s fishing, shooting, or hunting
  • Wired2Fish [App Only]: Bass Fishing Tips, Videos, and Tackle Reviews
  • Choppertown: Chopper, hot rod, and DIY series for car & bike enthusiasts
  • The Jet Set: Travel news, lifestyle trends, and on-location destination features

Food & Cooking (1 Channel)

  • Family Kitchen Revival [Exclusive] [App Only]: Chef John Scinto helps families overcome hardship & connect with food

Movie Night (2 Channels)

  • Glewed TV Free Movies [Exclusive] [App Only]: Selected films from a library of thousands of movies
  • Horror Machine [App Only]: Behold the granddaddy of all horror channels

Shopping (2 Channels)

  • Shop LC [App Only]: Live broadcast of discount and liquidation shopping station Shop LC
  • Shop HQ [App Only]: Kitchen & home appliances, jewelry, electronics, and beauty products

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